Joesworth Featherfield: space explorer

This is my moc based off my character in the game starbound, his name is Joesworth Featherfield


It's time for a quick KARP/10 review. (K.A.R.P. Kool, And, Rad, Playa!)

Is it Kool And Rad? Yes. Good work Playa!

I give it a FrigginSweeeeeeet!/10

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No. Thank you. This is an amazing MOC dude.

Can you post a few more pictures?
I can't give my usual review without a Back Shot and a standard Front view. wink

Here are some other pictures I have of the moc smile


Yep, just posted some shots of the side and front, I'll post some back shots soon smile

I have a few other mocs I will be posting soon, I just need to take the pictures wink

Please don't double-post. --John Smith

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is bird guy

I like


looks at this head, then looks at the Chi Eris head

You my friend have Won eagle heads! I think your bird head is amazing, better than the Chima one by far!


Can we see a photo of the character in game...

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I have recently moved computers, and haven't transferred that character over yet, but in the meantime, you can look up starbound avian to see what he generally looks like.

Oh god this is awesome
I love the colours,especially.

Plural's Quick Reviews:
(Working without a Backshot stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye)

  • Chest looks great
  • Hands seem bird-like
  • Wings on the side of the arms stick a bit too far out
  • Head looks strange, due to its system origin

I would give this MOC an overall rating of an 8/10.

Great Job! smiley Starbound...

Don't like the Lego head but the rest is good.

At first I thought that the head was some kind of space helmet, but then I realized it was a bird head and the MOC became 10 times better.



Same with me. I thought the head was really weird and didn't know what the yellow bit was but then I realized what it was.

It's an awesome Moc and I actually like the system head.

Blue Falcon dat you?!


wow he really looks like a bird, the build is very good and i like the head.

How Chima should have ended.

anyway. awesome work man!

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