Johmak fanart

I saw fishis_bonks moc of Johmak on Instagram and thought it’d be nice to make fan art of it. I thought I could use the practice since I’m planning on the eventual art contest for the toa hagah and needed to see how my art style has improved on mechas. I made a few recolors since the original moc wasn’t entirely lore accurate but it looked great either way.

Share your thoughts


mmm … ramen …

Oh, on the artwork?

The piece looks pretty great, very dynamic. The lighting is very well done, between the shadow of the pillar thing and the sun.


Noice art.

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The pillar thing is actually the shield from the moc but thx for the comment!


Strange o don’t recall seeing this topic but yes this a cool art work and playing with shadows and light is groovy! I think I like the one third from top the best.

Edit! Oh wow this is months old lol my recommended topics are funny

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