John Lees Moc

In “Herofactory Beyond”, “Herofactory Rise”. He is member of Freeders
in 2008~2010, There were Several 2.0 prototype project on hero factory
It was massive spec update on every hero
Aldous witch also worked on a 2.0 project called the Toa project.
based on Legend of the Quatros planet, He wanted to artificially awaken the Latent toa power in natives by using virus
at first, only subjects with the Last name lees succeeded. so they modify the virus
Since then, the person infected with the virus has been called lees, and
early version of lees needed special headgear to breathe.
later lees don’t need headgear but it become a symbol for them
project was shut down in 2011 by Merrick Fortis, All data were confiscated by the Recon team.
in 2010, some of subjects escaped and formed a terrorist organization call Freeders
John is second generation. He joined the Freeders and chose to inject the virus.
He died in April. 9. 2012 by Beomad

early concept

final version

Instruction :


Both versions look great, while I think the first version is the better of the two, they both have their merits and both possess a certain character to them.

Thank you bro!

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Interesting, is this your self-moc? it really fits with the hero factory style, good hob!


He looks really simple but when you look closer you can see interesting building techniques that make him look awesome!

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@Enbeanie Kinda yes! @Rukah Thanks for noticing!

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