"Johnny Thunder and the Curse of Hotep Ra"

Hey everyone, I finally got around to doing a Johnny Thunder drawing. This time I tried to imitate an Indiana Jones movie poster, since the two subjects are similar.


Dang, this looks awesome!

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And you succeeded, since I figured it out before I read this.

I tried looking up the Indiana Jones theme played on a Didgeridoo…the closest thing I could find was the Crocodile Dundee theme song…

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and… Ummmm… Let me think here… Oh! And, yes!

Ah, Johnny Thunder… probably one of my all time favorite Lego themes - especially the Egypt sets.

Awesome drawing!

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Johnny, Pippin and Dr Kilroy! Oh man, this is phenomenal! The adventures theme (especially Orient Expedition) remains to this day an extremely nostalgic line for me. I absolutely love how you’ve captured many of the small details from the minifigures. I can almost hear the theme music now…


man this brings back memories of a set line I wish could return one day
I especially enjoy the art style as well. One day I could see myself drawing stuff like this

Woah. Amazing.

This is pure genius. I’ve tried draw them as humans before, but it’s never looked nearly as good as this, mind if I base my design off of these?

This is one of the best LEGO drawings i have seen.

LEGO really should bring back Johnny Thunder and the Adventures theme.

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Thank you! And of course.

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Thanks, this is the best Johnny I’ve seen.

This is absolutely astounding. Although I wish you included one of Johnny Thunder’s villains on the poster as well, I absolutely adore how you attempted to make this look like a poster for an Indiana Jones film.

I also gotta say, you’re pretty good at digital painting.