Joho the sniper

Joho the sniper is a skillful snier. Every time he pulles the triger his an enemy gets killed. Although he can not 360noscope he is deadly gun man.


Edited catagory to be in the right one - Skeletor
This gives off the sniper feel greatly.

hey, could you plz explain me how categories work , because someone told me to put my mocs on the creativity category.

The thing is even thr creative content category has sub categories, MOCs go in the lego creations subcategory.

Anyway the moc seems pretty standard, nothing really stands out to me.

thnx I think now I understood

I like the build, but the color scheme doesn’t really fit a sniper, and he’s also rather bulky, again something you normally wouldn’t associate with a sniper. He generally looks more like some sort of general to me. My favorite part is the rifle’s muzzle.

hang on where are my glasses.

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I feel the sniper look. But I can’t see it all the way.