Join the TTV News Team!

Hey, guys! We’re looking to add some members to the TTV Team! Recently, we’ve been discussion how to better improve our main website, We come across news all the time that is mildly interesting, but don’t warrant a video, and because of that we don’t have the time to make an article for it. But we want to be able to expand our news focus and still create articles to keep our audience updated on all LEGO news.

Because of this, we are opening up several positions for people to join our team and write for us and our website. We are wanting dedicated people who can both find news and write good articles for them, giving us news that we can always be aware of.

You will need to:

  • Be up to date and familiar with the fandom, and with the news in general
  • Be proactive about discovering LEGO news (preferably not from other LEGO blogs, but from official press releases or other unrelated news sites)
  • Be able to write articles at an acceptable college level - i.e. no spelling grammatical errors, clear and coherent, concise while still being informative
  • Be able to have a basic understanding of Photoshop to create articles from a template
  • Have access to a Tumblr Account
  • Have access to a Discord Server

We will be opening applications for two weeks. To apply, privately message me (@Jon) with both an article you’ve written and the source you’ve gotten it from. We will be grading mostly on the quality of the news and the quality of the writing. We do want to have some personality show through the writing, but not to the point where it compromises the article.

We are primarily looking for news right now, and less of showcases of other people’s creations. If you feel like this is right up your alley, we want to see what you got.

I’ll be answering any questions in the topic. The deadline for entries is October 8th, 11:59pm.


This looks incredibly fun. Hope the people who write for it do a fantastic job.


If you ever want someone to help with gaming articles (particularly RPGs) I’m your man.

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I’m very interested, and actually PM’d you during the Eljay livestream when you mentioned it, but if you’re taking questions here I have one big one:

How much of a time commitment are you expecting from your writers? As in, how often will a writer be making articles? I’ll attach a writing sample or two to the existing PM as well.


I feel like I could help
and it might get me more into Lego again if I did
and I have been getting into writing

So I might actually apply for this… I am a fairly decent writer. So just to clarify these articles will only be hosted on the main TTV website?

I might try out for this, but the Photoshop thing might be difficult.

Is this necessary? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was about to ask this.

Yes, it is integral.


Would we be required to use Photoshop or would any photo editing software do?

I don’t think I’m the best of the best, but I’ll give it a shot!

(Four questions though):
-Could we type it on Microsoft Word?
-Is it okay if we’re not available everyday? (I’ve heard 11th grade is the hardest)
-Is it okay to not have a Discord account at the moment, but get it in the future?
-We would be getting paid for this correct?

Edit (I thought of some more questions):

-I’m assuming you all are going to hire more than one person, Correct? If so, may I ask how many?
-Is the deadline 11:59 Eastern Standard Time, Central Time, or some other time?
-Could we submit more than one article?

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Writing articles could be interesting, I need the additional practice anyways.

Also, regarding the application: How recent must the news article be? Obviously I don’t intend on writing on events that have long since passed, but how well would something like the Greenpeace attacks on the Lego/Shell partnership fly?


That is a question I’m interested in seeing answered as well. For my school newspaper, we would plan articles almost a month in advance, so if the article’s topic wasn’t going to stay relevant with people for at least several weeks, we wouldn’t take it. It had to be current by the time it came out in print. I assume you guys will have similar standards on the issue of relevancy?

Yes, only on the website.

If you do not have an account/are able to make one, you will not get the job.

You will need to be able to open .psd files and edit them, so as long as you can do that, you will be fine.

  • You can type it on any text editor you want as long as it ends up going on the website.
  • You do not need to be available every day, but the idea is that you would find news, notify us, and then upon approval start writing an article about it.
  • As long as you can get Discord/Tumblr when you are hired, you’re fine.
  • At this moment, we don’t know how profitable an enhanced news presence will be, so we aren’t committing to paying anyone yet. This will be basically an internship, which can be counted as such for education as we are an officially recognized company (something that we’ve used before, such as with Takuma). The moment we can afford to pay people for this, the first people to get this will be the people already in the program.
  • It does depend on how many good articles we get
  • Eastern Standard Time
  • Yes

We would like information to be more relevant and newsworthy, as we need current news to make eventual videos of as well. It’s perfectly fine if your application was about Greenpeace, but unless it contained new or relevant information, we probably wouldn’t publish it.

Especially considering how political the article about Greenpeace might get in nature, it might undergo either heavy editing or be shelved.


I do not have photoshop or tumblr.

Well i mean I’m not exactly the best with script writing and such, but i do compose music from time to time and I’m always willing to write stuff for people who need it, so if there’s a niche for that kind of work I’d be more than happy to help out

Woah wait, our application would be published? Well what better way to apply than to write the real thing I suppose.

I guess you wont accept a spanish guy would you?