Jojo stand designs/ideas

i’ll probably make more eventually


I see a mix of other stands
mainly in the Belt being inspired by Killer Queen
and I keep seeing Act 3 Echoes in the face

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Does he have a name?

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the eyes do look like echoes’

[Mean Mr. Mustard]

well a ton of stands have eyes like that

y tho

I think it might be the lips a small bit as well

here’s a bunch of random designs i’ve been drawing in my school books

also have this good-ish soft & wet

yes my handwriting is terrible


That is the best place to draw…


These look pretty cool.
I never realized you were french



ay here’s more

thought this one is more a creepy killer queen ripoff but idk i like it


These are really cool.

I wish I could draw like this

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Your designs look pretty good!

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I really like the first one…

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They all look like reskins of the same base.

here’s some more
sorry for the horrible picture quality for most of them


I really like the fish dude and the spiky head, face belt one.

The pose on the second to last one is also great…

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In all honesty, I know nothing about jojo.

That doesn’t even make sense.

I understand it is a meme, but…

It’s just a matter of the pose. Trump happened to be standing behind her there, so someone gave the photo that description.

I didn’t realise it happened naturally.

I thought it was photoshop…