Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Finally decided to make a topic about this fabulously MANLY long running anime/manga series.

Anyone actually WRYYYd the manga?
I've mostly caught up with it.



Fully confirmed with Warner bros


I am a fan....

Oh BTW, I hear lotsa skrubs keep saying this series is a weird anime and don't like it

Seems like everywhere I go, I run into JJBA
yare yare daze
Honestly, JJBA is extremely over-rated and people of the fanbase never seem to be able to shut up about it.
The 2012 series was really good, one of the few really good shows to come out post-2007. Stardust Crusaders s1 started out great but plummeted in quality mid-season. SC s2, on the other hand, was complete garbage.

I still need to watch it.

"What's your favorite part, favorite JoJo, and favorite character?"

Part 7



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necroposting because jojo.

so, I've recently gotten into jojo, by which I mean the story, I've liked the concept and characters for a while.

on an unrelated note, I've found the greatest gif combination ever,


Would you like to answer the question of "Favorite Saga/Part, Favorite Jojo, and favorite character that's not a Jojo?"

well, when I say recently I mean recently,

so I can't pick a part,

but I can say either joseph or jotaro(his hat still hurts my brain),


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maybe you should read the manga

right @LelouchViBritannia?

*WRYYYd the mango

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So there is a new game coming out called Eyes of Heaven. With an original storyline overseen by Araki himself. But you probably all knew that.

There are 5 DIOs in the game: Dio Brando, DIO, Diego Brando, other Diego Brando, and Heaven DIO.

This means that the game has four Jonathans as well: Jonathan, DIO's torso, Johnny, Heaven DIO's torso.

Heaven DIO's Stand is named The World Over Heaven.

Also Heaven DIO is bluish purple.


I just remember it's some co-op fighting thing with teams of two fighting one another in specific enviroments

Yeah it has its own Story. A story that is being overseen by Araki.

Heaven DIO is a DIO who has attained Heaven.

Diego Brando and other Diego Brando are playable

D'Arby is gonna be in the game

Also Speedwagon is a playable character.

I know this may get viewd as a double post however I feel that the news must be shared: Part 4 has been confirmed.


I am exited!

Also, first alert I've gotten in a few days.

watched clips of the Dub. It's not better than the test dub. Weird having Joseph played by the guy voicing Numbah One from KND, but hey, if they make a better attempt in Stardust Crusaders I'm all in!

Literally just finished Phantom Blood, but everything else has been spoiled to hell for me. The highlight of the show (for me at least) has been the music and just sheer ridiculousness of it all. Not many shows have a ghost-thing called a Stand punch a shark sky high.

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Just wait for Part 4

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