Jon Sudano

The man

The legend

The All Star

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Jon Sudano is the greatest musician since Mozart.


Oc, what have you been watching?

Only quality.



This quickly overshadowed every music i liked.

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Guys you’ll never guess what song he sings in this one.

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I thought the first two or so were funny. After that he just became a bit of a one trick pony.

Somebody once told me this channel existed, so I decided to watch iiiit.
I thought it was funny so I watched a few more times and now it’s a meme.
After a few days I forgot about it, but I still think it’s good. Why am I even posting this?

this is why i dont sing/write songs. because i can’t.

Do people actually laugh when they watch this? I made a barley audible sniff. This just seems lazy. Am I just too old for this stuff?

I’ve seen segments of his videos here and there but not the videos in their entirety. Having finished watching the ones here though- that was quite a musical voyage.

After singing all star for a while, he started to get really good at it. I especially like when he plays a guitar and sings.

Remember finding this and sharing it in the PM, now its a topic xD

But yeah, the basic concept was funny for the first video. It can virtually apply to any song - but its basically a one-trick pony as others have called it. It doesnt have the same appeal after multiple videos.

This however has potential - if everyone takes it and adds on their own version.

I don’t really know what to think of this. I’ll just say that he has an “interesting” channel

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