JonBlueFire's Bionicle Sketches

#Note: Any new sketches will be added in the replies.

Hello! Thank you for viewing my Bionicle sketches topic. Here you find my Bionicle, and only Bionicle, sketches. My sketches of other things will go elsewhere.

First up,

Skrilakz! A Piraka!
Do I hear a rap coming on?

I tried with this picture to mimic that of the actual Piraka images (the reason the is 100% something and 0% something).
I know somethings might not be proportional or would not work if this was in real life (specifically the zamor launcher and his two sided weapon) but, I like this anyway!

His name is Skrilakz, the slicer; or, as he prefers the SSSLLIIZZAAAAAHHHH!!
100% Crazy, 0% Lazy

His two sided weapon is a very sharp sword on one end and a vine/rope/tentacle that is able to extend and ensnare targets on the other end. He also has anti-logic vision. This causes the target’s physics to go crazy for a while. For example, the target’s gravity or sense of direction could be messed up.


A drawing of my MOC, Toa Nagreth (ignore the giant letter “A;” that is from where I was going to call him something that started with “A”), toa of fire.

Definitely NOT my best drawing, but keep in mind, I was drawing this without a reference.

Lastly (until I add more :grinning:),

Valra, toa of water! I will make a MOC of her, eventually, to go along with my Toa Nui MOCS. So, yeah. Not much else to say.

Thanks for looking and check back whenever :grinning:!
Comments are always welcome!


These are pretty cool. :smile:

Thank you!

I’ve got three more sketches to share! :grinning:

Sadly, they are all of the same bio - mechanical being. :frowning:

A random water toa. I built a MOC of her, but it was terrible, so I took it apart (it was waaaayyyyy too skinny). The top image is the most accurate (it was based off of a picture). The other two images were drawn without a reference.

Thanks for looking! Please check back whenever! :grinning:
Comments are appreciated!

Neat drawings.

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Thank you!
The rap made everything perfect! :grinning: