Jormad's Somewhat Decent Drawings

Hello everyone! I just thought I’d make a topic here about one of my favorite hobbies: drawing! Most of the stuff here will pencil and paper, as I don’t have anything that would allow me to make digital art. So, let’s get onto the drawings, shall we?
Since we’re all Bionicle fans here, how about a drawing of Nilku?

Here’s one of a Shore Trooper from Rogue One:

…And here’s one of Tarn and a Megatron - Optimus fusion, AKA Megtimus.

That’s all for now, folks! More will be coming in the future!


These are really amazin’, Jormad!

I wanna see more where that came from

Why, thank you! I will definitely be posting more.

Hey that’s pretty good.

These look great

The Shore Trooper is really fantastic looking.

The other two are just too messy for my liking, though. :confused:

I like your style, man. Keep drawing!

Thanks you so much, everyone! About it being messy, that’s mostly because these are sketches that took me around 5 minutes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Love the style. Keep up the good work.

yess very good

Would love to see these go beyond rough sketches and look more finished, I think they’d turn out great. : )

These are amazing! I love your Tarn! He’s one of my favourite TF characters!

These drawings are awesome. The Shore Trooper is my favourite.

Man, it’s been a while. So, I’ve doing more art, I guess. Here’s some of it:

Alpha Bravo:





Boba Fett:

Sea Spray:



I have a problem


We oughta stick you up against prpl eh?

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No pls Kopeke

I love your transformers drawings!

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Thank you! Transformers is one of my favorite brands, after all. Nice Sunder profile pic, by the way.

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Yeah, I just got back into Transformers and it’s already back to being my number one fandom.

Thank you! I’m glad that someone recognizes it!

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Well, I do love MTMTE, haha. Speaking of which, expect more Transformer drawings in the future.

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