Josh VS Josh VS Josh

Long ago (before this year began) a number of men sharing the name Josh assembled and made a pact to arrive at a specific spot in the American midwest and fight a glorious battle to determine who would retain the name Josh…

And it begins in not much more than 30 minutes.

We’ve waited too long for this climactic showdown. Join me in seeing how this turns out. Also please bring popcorn.


I don’t have popcorn

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We’re about to watch history play out!

wait nothing happened


ima confuse

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The guy’s filming on a potato but it’s all I could find. Better than nothing, though.

Viewer discretion advised, some strong language occasionally used. Don’t remember if that’s part of the rules on here to say that but whatever.

what am I watching

my computer is dying

This one is better (and not crashed)

I can’t believe josh would win.

I was rooting for josh since the very beginning.

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kinda liked josh, and it was a real shame that he lost.

little josh was adorable tho and absolutely deserved to win

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I can’t believe josh only came in second


ok yeah yeah we saw the youtube chat, no one’s getting lifetime comedy awards here.

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You don’t have that authority solar.

All around the stream was a fun time. Glad I watched it.