[joshdem] Jodem, Element of Water and Light (Self-MOC)

Jodem, Element of Water and Light

Defensive Stance

No Weapons

Early Story Weapons (Great Xul Hammer and Elemental Energy Blaster

Mid-Story Weapons (Aswa Light Gauntlets)

Late-Mid Story (Kaha Power Lance and Aswa Light Gauntlet)

Late-Story Weapons (Kaha Power Lance and Great Xul Hammer)

Meeting Toa Tahu (canon?)

Character Biography:
Jodem is a Diiroa of Water and Light from the planet of Yokkah Magna.

The only child of Jovar and Janen, he spent much of his adolescence struggling to take control of his elemental powers. Because of such an obstacle, Jodem came to hone his strategic prowess and endurance to compensate before gaining full control of his elemental powers in his young adulthood.

He now serves as the leader of the Elements, a team of spirited and courageous Diiroa warriors who have grown together as teammates and friends through their connection to Jodem.

Elements: Water, Light

Weapons: Kaha Power Lance, Great Xul Hammer, Aswa Light Gauntlets, Elemental Energy Blaster

Creator’s Commentary:
Jodem, future OC MOCs, and their stories do exist and take place in the G1 BIONICLE storyline / universe. At this time I’m not going to disclose the connection to G1, but just take note that my lore does take place in G1.

Jodem’s grandfather and grandmother were the first Light Diiroa, and thus all light Diiroa are related to Jodem and can trace back their common lineage.

Jodem has been my self moc for well over a decade.

I believe he was built and conceived in early 2009.

When it was announced that the Glatorian are separate species with no gender restrictions for the indivisible elemental tribes, it inspired me to make a male character powered by the element of water.

Glatorian helmets also had me recall the Knights Kingdom Rascus figure I was gifted as a young child, and I sharpied the mask silver to give my self-MOC an original and unique characteristic to the BIONICLE universe.

Lastly, Water and the Nuva chest were chosen as Gali Nuva was my first set back in '02 (this is what is meant in my bio that I’ve been honoring the great spirit and MOCing about since 2002). Gali Nuva was my first set as my favorite color was blue.

Jodem was initially conceived in 2009 as a Great Being. This idea was deemed boring and scrapped in recent years with the revamp of my self-MOC in 2018, and the revelation that Great Beings were simply hyper-intelligent, creative, and imaginative members of the Glatorian species.

When Jodem was first built in 2009, his torso consisted of a Piraka Torso with Hordika Chest armor. I implemented the Nuva Chest in 2018 after creating a custom torso for Jodem and bulking up the arms and legs.


I like the chain.

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The use of Takadox heads as water gauntlets is really neat and it works super well. Great job all around.


Nice work!


gives off that earlier-age moc feel, like early biotube. i like that look.


Thanks! I forgot to mention this in the commentary, but the whole idea of having the heads act as gauntlets is inspired from the Nemean Cestus Gauntlet Weapons from God of War III.

@GoodGuy2006 When I first created Jodem, he definitely took inspiration from much of creators of early BioTube.

Scotttjt, KylerNuva135, and DawnofNSSD were the biggest inspirations on my MOCing style. Scotttjt excelled at giving unique character design with personality, KylerNuva135 excelled at customization, and DawnofNSSD excelled at custom torsos and greebling.

I think KylerNuva135 helped popularize sharpieing masks with his self-MOC Kylord, and that really pushed me to make the Knights Kingdom Rascus mask silver for Jodem.

Jodem’s custom torso is inspired by those of DawnofNSSD. I didn’t start making custom torsos until I really familiarized myself with DawnofNSSD’s style and tutorials. He really helped push the trend of custom torsos, along with MoonWerewolfAir, and then KylerNuva135, Shadowgear6335, and ToaJunie (Alieraah) who pushed MOCing potential even further.

So yeah Scotttjt, KylerNuva135, DawnofNSSD, Diebeq5b, LennoDude15, SpinaxFan4Ever, MoonWerewolfAir, Shadownitron, and t1movies were really some of the big names I was a huge fan of back in the day; it wasn’t until years later that I got into those who have persisted through more modern BioTube like Shadowgear6335, Alieraah, and now one of the more influential WombatCombatPictures.


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heh, i’m likely only here because of shadowgear