Journal of an Av Matoran Archaeologist

Day 1
I was laying in a INN room have rented earlier that day.
my expedition would start here alongside my compatriots, Nikal our Chronicler and Ayak my Apprentice who wants to become an Archaeologist just like me.

we were scouting the Bustling cities for some Mercenaries to escort us to the DarKra Forest. We found a Ta Matoran hunter named Kutak who escorted us there.

Day 2
We set up camp in a Clearing of the Forest but the Ambience and myths of the place did not show their presence…at first

Day 3
We were noticing that there were strange noises from parts of the forest. Kutak went to inspect it. he didnt come back

Day 4
we checked the Forest the next day and we found him but his body was lifeless and his knife was in a tree with the words engraved on it


Day 9
The Forest was getting to us and a swift ambitious bolt of Lighting going near our camp. It came at me then I saw its face.

His face was blank with just a mask and no eyes.

Day 13
Ayka and Nikal left Darkra after how haunting it was but my mission is far from over.

Day 15
If anyone see this beware

a creature has been following me and now my time is up

but before you go in just remember



Little short, but pretty nice.

My only issue is that this is not really a journal style of writing. It’s more of a story than a journal.

This segment and many more make it sound like these events happened in the past rather than the present. It becomes most apparent here:

“We checked the Forest the next day” What? You’re writing this entry today (Day 4) He should have written, “Today we checked the Forest”

But anyway, cool story bro!