Journey to One Styled Chestpiece and Villager- by Tak210

So I built a custom Chestpiece based of the Chestpiece shown in the show. Now it’s not 100% accurate, but it’s close enough to ressamble it.

The chest piece:

On a villager:

On Narmoto:

This was just for fun, but I hope you guys like it!


Ooh, fancy. Did you cut existing pieces for it?

Ya, I cut up a couple boot leg Lego pieces.


Wow, such a good looking chestpeice.

Pretty cool idea and a interesting looking chest piece to match.

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well I didn’t see tJtO yet, but that looks really cool

kool :wink:

dem pecs man

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That’s awesome!

Looks cool

Smooth out the rough edges and it’d be perfect

Looks groovy

A really nice idea you got there

I like this…

I said it once before, these look pretty great

bootleg lego parts do have their uses


Ack! Heretic! Confess or I’ll force you to sit in the comfy chair!

Wow, this looks very nice! If it was smoothed out a little more I’d think this was a legit part.

you should (or somebody you know) design a 3d design so it could be 3d printed by the few of us who have (or know people with) 3d printers. but you don’t have to, just a suggestion.


You could always go get it commissioned, cause this would be a good part to have for making less mainstream villager Mocs.