JTL's G3 Matoran Portraits; Jala, Huki

JTL UPDATE: I just learned how to scan pictures that I’ve drawn. I am more excited than Vezon in a hall of weapons.

So, all these are are pictures of Matoran in G3. Mostly what I’ve done is taken the main Toa, and basically scaled them down; less details, more simplified mask, etc. So far I have drawn Jala, above, and Huki, below.

Personally, my favorite is Jala.

C&C are welcome!


I think Jala should have a yellow mask and huki should be tan and dark orange, great drawing though also I prefer this design to the official G3 Toa

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Uh… where´s Jaller´s yellow mask?

Pretty nice, but the colours should be changed to be closer to the originals.

For Huki, I do not have those colors on hand. For Jala, there is a perfectly good explanation for why he doesn’t have his yellow make…and that is that I completely forgot about it.

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Jala looks more like Tahu imo
Pretty cool in general

You should draw Takua next

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I see your reasoning, but they don’t have to be the same exact colors. This in a whole new generation, a whole new reimagining, things can be changed up a little.

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Yes, you are right,but in my opinion changing the colours makes it easier to see them as the characters and not just “a Matoran”

I stick with my opinion on Matoran having Hobbit legs. Even if they can’t move, you’ve proven they can have their own personality and flair.

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I think those matoran look great but not as Jala and Huki maybe as a random ta matoran and random po matorn from the G3OG