JTL's Rahkshi Origins: Lerahk (ARTWORK, CONCEPT)

My third Rahkshi drawing/origin, so today we have Lerahk.

Orkahm is a daring, lovable, devil-may-care resident of Kaune. One day, he, along with Vhisola, accompanied their mutual friend Nuhrii on an adventure. On that adventure, Nuhrii unearthed the Mask of Control and learned that he had to his destiny was to resurrect Makuta. Bringing the Mask back to their camp, he convinced Orkahm and Vhisola to help him. Vhisola became Nuhrii’s right hand woman, Orkahm becoming his left hand man.

Later, for his loyalty, he was ‘rewarded’ by the Mask of Control and was mutated into the Rahkshi of Poison, Lerahk.

Orkahm, in the picture, is based on @Ven’s new Matoran concept art from the last Podcast, with a bit of my colorful flair. Lerahk might be my favorite Rahkshi that I’ve drawn, if nothing else because those eyes are terrifying.

As always, C&C are welcome, and I will see you next time.