JU-87 Stuka

I’ve been playing a lot of War Thunder lately, and figured I’d try and build a Stuka. It’s a miracle I have enough parts, this thing is pretty big compared to the stuff I normally build.


Nice, a bit messy in places but I understand it’s hard with a limited palette. The canopy is really great although it would look great with a clear medium radar dish for the blister.

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Wow, that looks great. The build is very well done. Great Job!

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Yeah, you definitely can tell where I started to run out of pieces. Hopefully the next few builds won’t be as bad.

cool use of the orange chi pieces! You did a good job capturing the shape of the cockpit using the joints well.

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Thanks! I wish I could have made the front area a little less wide, but I didn’t have many pieces to work with.

this is incredible.

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Thank you!