Jungle Toa Zantra

A MOC I have been wanting to build is a MOC with green and brown parts. I'm not quite sure why, but like I said, it's something I've wanted to do. Meet Jungle Toa Zantra and his pet Jumper.

So the story behind Zantra is that back during his early days as a Toa, he was separated from his team and got marooned in the jungle. Originally he was a Toa of air, but the jungle influenced his powers and turned him into a toa of jungle.

I built a way for Zantra to store his weapon. I always try to do this for my Toa and Toa like MOCs. This build also gives him more articulation, obviously.

Also, I gave him light up eyes

I figured it was a neat little aesthetic I could throw in. Their eyes are suppose to light up after all.

AND YES, before you point it out, my brown Miru is broken. I am fully aware of this. If I can get a new one, I will get it and replace Zantra's broken Miru.

Also here is another look at jumper. Yes, Jumper is his name.


its interesting... i dont know how to feel cause he looks a little anorexic.


The broken Miru looks good on Zantra, kinda like a battle scar from a creature he fought in the jungle.
Also, Jumper may look better if he had black or brown visorak feet(if you have them) instead of just the hand pieces.

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I don't know. I'm not a fan of Zantra, and Jumper is decent but could use some work.