Junk robot WIP (advice please?)

So I’m currently working on a MOC that is supposed to be a robot from a post-apoc world made out of scrap and parts of other robots.

I’m trying to avoid adding as much grey as I can but I feel like it needs a little to represent metal. (bare in mind some parts are just placeholders such as the bar parts that I’m using until I get the correct colors) I even tried adding an android arm.

However, I’m not feeling 100% positive on the way it looks so far despite the fact it’s only the upper torso and arms. I just feel like something’s wrong… Do you think you can give me a little criticism and tell me if I should change anything and how to do it?
If you go through the effort of building an example and uploading it here, that would be greatly appreciated (I may even check out your posts in return)


I think the problem is the skinny arms against a really bulky torso. Try to make it consistent throughout. It might be repaired but they won’t make an entirely different arm.


Good work, Zombie

Here is part 2 of my Junk robot WIP.

As the title may suggest of course it’s not complete. I’m thinking maybe I should make the head sort of hunched over or something and the middle and “ribs” of the yellow torso to be yellow. Also do you think I should add another (sloppily attached) mask to his other shoulder?

Before you ask, I’m commissioning a guy to custom make a more suitable mask for this thing.

Other than that what do you think? (ACTUALLY RESPOND THIS TIME)

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This still stands, even more so now. All the different segments are all individually great, but together there’s absolutely no flow. You have this really thick blocky upper body, then those stick figure arms and waist. Moving further down, you have decently thick thighs, not really skinny or thick, then boots.

Also, try keeping colors to a minimum.

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i would say remove the green as it dont fit from the looks of it its made of industrial robots so i would keep the colors yellow black and gray also the arms look to samey i would add a bulky arm aswell to give it more of a jumbled together look

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Green kinda bothers me but it looks good.

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@Omega_Tahu I know I asked for people to tell me what not to do, but I feel like I need to point something out;

Ah well you see, the idea is that he’s made of junk/parts from different machines. Therefore, I think adding a flow would make it seem less realistic for a robot made of junk.

As for the colors, it would make sense that they don’t exactly flow because each limb was made from individual robots. It would actually be a little weird if each limb from each different robot or whatever were the same colors. (but to an extent I don’t like the green either)

For a while I enjoyed the arms a bit because it reminded me of the character Pascal from Nier: Automata. But now I feel like maybe I should do something different.

But thanks anyway and I’ll try to see what I can do

@DesireRivalzx Yeah I wasn’t comfortable with the green either. Especially since I rain out of ideas for that segment.

I really dig that single bulky arm idea though!

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I get that, but there’s a limit to how far you can take it without getting unbelievable. For example, when it looks like the lower torso would snap from the weight of the upper torso, there’s probably a problem.

Yeah, assuming the creator doesn’t take the time to repaint them. And even then, adding in some brown and grey to tie it all together wouldn’t hurt.

Yeah. If you look closely I did try adding some grey to add that worn-down feeling. My fear was that it would be frowned upon if I did so much grey because some moccists think it’s cliche and bland.

But thanks anyway. I’ll keep what you said into consideration when I replace the green. Because that’s the part I feel the most distaste for.

Oh, I see. The problem with what you did is that it looks intentionally added, because the green acts as armor on top of the grey frame. Making it asymmetrical would help. And I haven’t heard of any moccist who frown down on it. Also it may seem cliche and bland, but it works.

a good idea would be to come up with a back story i know its all post apoc but:
where in the world is it?
what is it being built for?
what kind of places are they scavenging for parts?

these types of question could help give the moc a sort of flow b y making all the parts from other bot?cars ect a sort of theme one good thing like this is his chest to me looks like it was taken from a bulldozers engine block then armoured up

a good idea would be to fololow this theme or add a few more like mybe a militery base that was under construction before the war but still had troops posted there then you could build a flow of it made from cranes and tanks or somthing you dont need to follpow this the moc still is really good so far just some ideas to help u along :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I have a world and everything where this guy was form. In fact I was even thinking of building part of the world he’s from.

But nobody wants to read about that yet in a WIP


Here are some updates I made to it. I managed to replace the hideous green segment with one that seems more worn down. It even has a booster on the back which may hint that it was once a flying machine.

DesoreRivalzx suggested I add a bulky arm to one of the sides. I hope this can be considered bulky.

What do you think I should do now?

My thoughts stay the same. There’s very little flow, and the torso looks completely out of place as the only heavy block.

I don’t like to defend myself from constructive criticism,

But with the fact that parts were all from different robots and/or junk, not to mention the world they live in is a post-apoc world where resources are already scarce, there wouldn’t necessarily be any flow.

Also, the torso is supposed to be the torn-off half of another robot (which is why the wires dangle down from it)

There has to be a sense of realistic flow. The torso seems very heavy, and the waist is basically a stick. What I’m saying is make it seem like it’d be able to stand.

Okay, I think I can figure something out for the torso now that you mention it.

As for the “flow” I felt like the realism comes from the conditions and the environment in which the robot was created in.

Most of my mocs and my WIPs are really story driven tbh.

Yeah, I see what you mean. I think the waist is the biggest problem everything else is fine.