Boy It’s been too long since I’ve built something.
Can you guess what the inspiration behind this junkrat MOC was?



A dude who was idiot, so he cut his arm!

Cool mix of bounty hunter and pirate

I like how he does a better hob of looking junked-together than many MOCs.

Hehe, this isn’t discord man.
On the boards you have to use [s ]text here[/s ] Without the spaces

Anyway, I like this moc, it has a very junky feel to it and it works out quite well.

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The junk motif is pulled off very effectively. He looks like some one that would ambush you unsuspectingly from a heap of trash and pull you under or slice you you to pieces.

JUNKION my first though please make a junkion moc it looks great here!

When I read the “Junkbot” title I was totally expecting something about this old-school gem:

On-topic, this guy does indeed pull off the whole “junk-pile” idea quite well. My only major qualm is with the Evo 2.0 shell. The purple looks out of place and the off-yellow clashes with the regular yellow, trans-yellow and gold.

Also, I highly recommend embedding at least one main image of the MOC so that we can easily see the whole MOC at first glance.


This isn’t Junkbot? What have you done to him, imposter!?

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Same here.

I quite like the bandolier on this fellow. I’m not a big fan of the junk aesthetic in general, however, so this one just doesn’t hit home for me otherwise.