Junkertown Tracer

I’m not an Overwatch player but I had to take a shot at the ideas contest. I build a normal Tracer first and built attachments for her later.

All of the attachments:

Pulse Pistols of their own:

And the normal Tracer:

I don’t typically build figures outside of Bionicle, so this was a fun one. All in all, pretty happy with the end result. Still working on a good photography settup, lighting, and all that jazz, so if anyone has any tips for that, it would be much appreciated along with some CC. Build on!


Some very nice shaping! Love those pistols. And most of the colours are spot-on. A few things:

  • The goggles are probably the weakest part of the MOC. It would have so much more life if you found a way to give even just the impression of two eyes (she now looks a bit like a cyclops)

  • She doesn’t really feel like a post-Apoc Junkertown tracer. Her jacket and bright leggings are so iconic that they overpower the add-ons. Have you got enough parts to recolor them?

  • She would look much more dynamic is she was posed with her knee slightly bent and her hips tilted. Humans very rarely stand ramrod straight. See this fan art (not mine) for reference: