Jurasic World Figure Photography

(Yes, I know the Title is spelled wrong, but Jurassic World had a** in it, and it wouldn’t let me post it)
I found these pictures on my mom’s phone, so I decided to post them.
Nothing special.
I took these the day after Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom came out, which was also the day I moved to a new house. So After I saw the movie with my friends, I bought a couple of action figures.
They’re actually pretty poseable, and the plastic quality is not bad. I’d really suggest getting some.



Those are such nice backgrounds

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Thanks! I took them in my backyard.

My backyard, as I’ve been discovering, is a GREAT place for taking photos.

That’s so cool, you could make photos of your MOCs there

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Some of them, maybe…

especially mechs and bonkles.