Jurrasic World Dominion

I don’t know much about dinosaurs but they’re pretty cool and the previous entries to the Jurrasic Park and World franchise are interesting. The new trailer has me hyped only because I instantly recognised the plane in the trailer as a C-119 and it had my mind in overdrive about making a diorama…

anyways discuss if yah want to.


Once again we’ll get to see companies capitalizing on nostalgia and the success of the past.


Of course, of course.

Dinos on the mainland was the logical follow-up for Jurassic Park (1994) Ian Malcolm v. dog-eating T-Rex doesn’t count and I’ve been waiting literally 100% of my life span to see it. I mean, Lost World and JP3 were just capitalizing on the momentum of the first one, Jurassic World was just to remind everyone that this franchise never got resolved, and Fallen Kingdom only existed to usher this next one in. Still liked em all but it was ultimately a four-film transition piece

Also “Dinos on the Mainland” is a great name for a C-list indie-pop band that only plays small stages at a local music festival

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I didn’t really like the last one. And the new one doesn’t look that promising, to me at least. Lots of fan service. but the fact that Lewis Dodgson is supposed to return intrigues me.