Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles

Alright so DC made a new justice league series called-

Justice League: Gods and Monsters CHRONICLES

Spoiler warning: Its really good so far.

At the moment you can see 3 shorts featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Women in this new alternate reality where the justice league are fascist.

If you remember the episode "A better world" from the original Justice League cartoon you'll understand the concept right away.

My brief thoughts on the shorts right now:

"Bomb" Featuring superman and brainiac is my favorite of the shorts so far. Its not the most action paced of the shorts but its definitely the most dramatic and the short that really made me want to follow the series.

"Twisted" Featuring Batman and Harley Quinn is also pretty fantastic. This is the one most people will end up enjoying. One, its batman and two, its really screwed up.

"Big" Featuring Wonder Women and Giganta is the most underwhelming of the three shorts. Theirs nothing wrong with the short its just a little boring. Gigantas a robot... yeah...

Now go watch it. Its really good.


Also Batman is Man Bat.
Man Bat is Batman.
Batman's an actual human bat.

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Link pl0x


There's some things wrong with this... "Wonder Women".

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I thought the Batman one was the weakest

In truth the batman one is only saved by Harley and the more messed up bits of the episode.