Justice League: The Snyder Cut (Director’s Cut)

Some if you may be asking, “what is The Snyder Cut”? The Snyder Cut is the original cut of Justice League, the version of the film that was worked on by Batman V Superman Director Zack Snyder. Sadly he left the project due to a family tragedy, after he was removed from the project Warner Brothers hired Avengers Directir Joss Whedon to finish the project and forced him to redo scenes that weren’t needed to be reshot. Apparently some of the people that saw a very early screening said the film was magnificent, however when the film was released it was trashed critically and lost Wagner Brothers a lot of profit. Apparently this “Snyder Cut” had a lot of deleted scenes that almost made it a completely different film. So my question is, do you guys think we’ll get a Snyder Cut? Do you guys think a Snyder Cut even exists?

Express your thoughts down below :point_down::point_down:

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That’d be great to see. The DCEU movies have been well executed so far, but just not well written.

EDIT: except Wonder Woman

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Yes I completely agree, suicide squad was just written in two weeks and the director hired an advertisement company to edit the film lol

Wait really? Lol

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Yeah it’s absolutely insane lol

I still wanna see it XD

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i’m sorry for you, Suicide Squad was pretty trash, or at least that’s the general, and my, opinion.

anyway, i think a snyder cut could be good, but snyder doesn’t have the best reputation imo. I liked watchmen and man of steel, but besides that his movies are meh at best.

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Yeah true

Better meh then horrid wastes of money tbh.

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I’ve heard… like… thousands of rumors that it doesn’t even exist.

Well i signed up and watched it. Honestly it makes me curious what dc had planned before changing directors and reshooting the movie.

The movie was amazing and way better than what was given in the Josstice League.

Give Snyder control of the DCEU again and let him finish his vision.

It was a lot better then th3 original but at the same time it reminds me of transformers the last knight where I both want and don’t want to see the endgame. It was still bootleg mcu but at least this one learned a bit from what it’s copying.

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