JX-85 - v2015

JX-85 units were built for mobile air filtering usually used on space stations or in dome settlements built on a planet that is under going terraforming. These drones are able to purify the air with their filtering equipment attached to the arm and back. The process happens in two steps, first the air gets sucked into the arm compartment where the bigger particles get stuck on specific filters, from there the air travels to the backpack where the more precise filtering/purification can happen. Often these robots are referred to as janitors because they are also tasked with keeping everything clean as much as possible.

Well, this fella didn't get too much of a change but just enough. Haven't touched him since 2010, not many MOC of mine can say that, that their overall looked has not been changed for so long. None the less I still like this little guy, and thought I give it a few newer parts, plus the original look of the backpack started to look very outdated/clunky and required a better, more fitting look.


three things:
you need to decide on a highlight color. you got trans-yellow, some trans-red, and the trans-green Zamor Sphere

Speaking of which, the Zamor Sphere looks weird.

Third, he needs some sort of mask, in my opinion, as the open mouth looks weird. Or you could find a way to work in a 2015 head, that would work really well.

other than that I like it a lot. I love how you incorporated the Kraata canister,(although you should remove the label) and the use of pieces in the gun is brilliant



I love it, except for the fact that his crotch is glowing green. But the gun looks fantastic! I love the use of the small can on his back!

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It's not yellow, those are neon-green studs on it, The Zamor Sphere is supposed to be part of the power-source, as for the mask thing, I can see your point but back when I built this MOC I didn't want to use a mask of any sort as it would have been bit big overall. Maybe I'll try the current head with a mask, or maybe a HF helmet, but I got used to the Metru head personally. And I did take off the label but the letters stuck there after I removed it.

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I like this guy, especially that gun

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I actually like the head, don't put one of the new heads, it would ruin the aesthetic of the moc.

@Calvatron said it all. I do think the rating should be more in the grounds of a 7 or an 8 though.

This guy has amazing use of parts- especially with the canister, chrome dome and hockey chest plate.

His power-source is in his crotch?

Yes it is


This is a good moc, and the concept is very original, but I find it knind of boring that he has all that really cool-looking equipment and all it does is clean air instead of being some kind of ultimate weapon. But as a moc it is really good.

Well, not everyone is made for combat, some have to do other stuff too =P

Yeah, but I'm just saying that normally you wouldn't get a bionicle set of a janitor, most of the ones people care about are the fighters. But with that said, this is still an awesome moc.

I really like this MOC but, it seems kinda short.

Quite nice. That gun is beast! However, some extra add-ons to the head will make much better, like scope maybe? I personally don't really like the idea of having a Zamora sphere as a crotch-power source but hey it's your MOC! stuck_out_tongue The limbs are quite simplistic so maybe beef them up a little? Regardless, well done.

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Got him a custom head have a look =D