K-2SO modification

“the captain say’s your a friend, i will not kill you”


I love the attempts to get the yellow rings in the build, I honestly don’t know why they didn’t do that in the first place, but it creates a bulkiness in the upper torso that I don’t remember him having in the movie. But still a really good moc.

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yea, he was really skinny in the movie but i wanted to try and and give him a movie replica the best i could. and i feel that lego sacrificed some aspects of the movie design for a function

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it feels like more of a mod to me not a revamp.
The yellow stripes on the shoulders look way to thick:

As you can see here they’re very very thin in the movie, I think maybe just use one of those disc pieces.
As for the rest it all looks pretty much the same apart from there being no 2015 armor add on piece.


i did change most of the core construction, but yea i should have called it a mod

Another thing that bothered me with the original set was that the way they connected the head created a hunch-back sort of look which I couldn’t find a way to get rid of, and apparently neither could you.

yea, but i was able to give the head additional possibility, so now he can look up.

It’s pretty good, but I agree with @Jack_Frost that this should be called a mod.
Although this is a pretty good movie interpretation of K-2SO.

Nice add on. Don’t really feel like it’s a full revamp though because the changes are minor.

yea i’ll change the title