Kaboot's 2015 - 2016 Mod Topic

These mods will be exculsive to the Toa and creatures. They are minor mods, but overall (imo) make them better. (C&C Appreciated)

First will be the 2015 Toa.

- fixed legs to make him a little shorter
- arms are more posable
- added half-pins to replace black pins on board
- added Y joints to hide ball joints
- replaced grey joints with black


- color scheme is more consistent
- add gears on her trident arm
- add half-pins to replace black pins on trident
- add technic piece on thighs
- replaced grey joints with black


- fixed color scheme to be more consistent
- moved gearbox up one module
- added Y joints to cover up ball joints


- fixed gearbox for more head posability
- added axes to make "wing pack" (removable to make axes)
- replaced grey joints with black
- added extra arm posabilty


- fixed armor in the back to look less awkward
- replaced grey joint with trans-purple


- lessened the width of the shoulders
- fixed shield
- added technic piece to thighs
- added extra gear
- replaced grey joints with black
- replaced black pins on shield to half pins


Now the 2016 Toa + Creatures! (and unitys)

- changed armor placement
- changed light grey technic pieces to black/grey
- placed Y joints on ball joints on Melum
- gave Melum elbows
- changed ammo placement

more 2016 Toa coming soon!


Sorry dude, but I fail to see these mods. Lewa's yes, but the rest must be so minor to make any difference to the sets. Could you give a description of the mods you made so they are a bit more noticeable?


There ya go! Yes, they are very minor, but the 2016 won't be :wink:

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I disagree with kopaka's shoulder downsize because it limits the space for his shoulderpads.