Kadzar Toa Of Spirits

Hello guys :slight_smile: long time no post XD iv been very ill and have been struggling with allot of issues, so i have been away for a bit, but iv come back with one of the members of the new Toa team im making :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it as i loved to make it :0
Age : Unknown
Species: Unknown/deity
Gender : N/A
Elemental Power : The control of the flow of spirits through the different realms, also able to posses, control and age other beings in the universe.
Back story: once Kadzar was a God/Goddess of the realm of the living, who controlled the flow of spirits through the dimensions... this was until the day when Kadzar's brother (We have all heard this story before XD) decided he was not fit to rule the main lands... this caused an all out war on the realm of the living... in this fight Kadzar crafted a legendary sword what was instilled with his/her mighty power... Kadzar's Mighty wings crumbled to ashes and Kadzar's body became distorted and skeletal... Kadzar defeated his/her brother and and banished him to the far realm to be alone for an eternity... But creating the sword has almost used all of Kadzar's powers up and he/she was slowly dying, as Kadzar's body turned to ash, the sword stayed , glowing with power. The local warlocks took the weapon and called it KarBanor and it was sealed with an ancient spell what made sure no-one was to use it... Years passed and Kadzar became a myth... this was till the day Origan found an ancient cave containing a sword with a broken seal surrounding it. Origan Picked up the sword and he felt the power rush through his body... he became a God and had unlimited power... His body became gold (Coming soon!!!) and the more he used the sword the more he started to hear a voice in his head telling him what to do... Oriagn later found out that the sword had the spirit of Kadzar Itself bonded to it and suddenly let the sword go... his body returned to normal and the voice was gone... Origan knew that if he had a God/Goddess he would for sure win the great battle so he returned to his lair and crafted a new body, the exact same way he was made, with blood of a toa (Whaddon) and blood of Bohrok. As this body was born origan instantly destroyed the brain and forced open the hands of body and put the sword of KarBanor in its palm .... the body started to float and distort, gold and black light flying around the body and then a unimaginable sound what made all the Toa Faint... As they awoke they saw an old figure standing there in a cloak ... This was Kadzar The Toa Of spirits...

(Btw the torso is supposed to be very thin to make it seem or skeletal


That custom paint job is amazing.


hahahah thanks :slight_smile: I rushed it a little (As shown in the last Pic) But still

You painted 2 masks of control?! Are you mad?


I have another 5 XD 2 for not painting then the other 3 for painting XD



XD brick Link :slight_smile:

That's still insane.

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hahahah XD i love the mask XD its probs one of my fav piece , just because it looks alight as a mask but better as armour XD like skull spider masks they work better as armour then as masks

It does look amazing as armor.

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:slight_smile: im buying some more tonight XD might make a whole MOC with only masks as armour it would be funny asf

I wanna see this.

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Me too XD

So, is the paint job just black washes on the actual gold pieces, or is there a base coat of some other color?

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it is spayed with black model paint, then brushed lightly with a layer of gold paint, then a layer of bronze paint. After that i used a brown was just to get the deep parts darker :slight_smile:

Well, once again, it looks amazing.

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hahaha thanks XD :wink: <3

Amazing, but I would suggest giving the torso a rib cage.

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Maybe , i personally like the look it has ATM xD

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really cool, but waaay too spindly

nice paint though

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