Kaelek toa of water

I wanted to make a moc with tentacles when I made Kaelek
She is the leader of Dagarak's team and is big because energized protodermis of course
I wasn't sure about using the Komau but then I realized that I could fit the HF claws on it

Her weapon is a large trident from another universe capable of firing strong elemental energy, it can extend and retract to control the amount of energy fired as well as close up when not in use

I'd say some of the problems I had was the shoulder pads which look odd in certain positions as well as balance issues if the tentacles aren't leveled, otherwise I quite like my creation
(bonus points for guessing the pose I was trying to create)


Can you give me a closer look at her legs? smile

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Her torso is extended with a four piece construction

The legs are simple enough


Thank you :3

This is pretty great. Love the creative torso design!

Heh, Preety Nice one i Need to say. Its Octopus with horns... and hands... and not acctualy octopus... Eathier way i want to see more of your moc's!

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