Kahi, Lawyer at Leisure MOC

And I finally got around to it. R.I.P. Jaller.

So, I made a @Kahi MOC. What do you guys think of it?


I think it looks an awful lot like Toa Norik's build.

But on the other hand, I really like Toa Norik's build


seems to me a pretty accurate representation of kahi

Pretty true to Ven's version. They dark grey sticks out but you probably don't have dark red or white hand/arm parts.

I only have two, but one's on Kopaka Mata, and the other, which came from Stormer 1.0, is used to connect the head. Also, the one on Kopaka is the original hand design, and the one from Stormer is the kind that's easier to break.

Well, I like the chestplate but he seems a little..too..buff...IDK

love the gun BTW.

I took him apart months ago...

; C

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