Kai Tau, father of the mask makers, second controller of ice

This is Kai tau, second controller of ice

He was high and mighty as the first controller’s successor
But then he was attacked by the berserker lustful

for power and before he died he passed on the mask of control to his son, makuta, he also made makuta swear to never speak of this to his brother, after makuta left Kai tau went out with a bang bringing down his house’s self destruct system and also killing his opponent


He looks a bit too much like the original Controller of Ice, to the point that he looks more like a revamp than a different character. His backstory makes no sense.

As for the actual build, he is better than the original COI, though the brown/dark red on his hips is distracting.


hmm… i dont see how to keep the ice motif while making it different
i actually re-made the torso and made custom lower arms

If you have Strakk, then there’s tons of ice themed goodies in there.

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The body is too long in comparision with the legs

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@Mr.Monopoly nope i only have g2 and i forgot adding the back photo it has more reddish brown, i designed it as a secondary color
@Antroz2007 how do you suppose i fix that longer legs or shorter torso

how do they look de armored

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You could at least try something

i’m asking you longer legs or shorter torso sigh

It is really hard to say from just an image… Somehow you need to make that brown things on his torso shorter.

i’ll try to figure something out

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Shorter torso. It’s much easier to make something smaller and have it work than to make something larger and stretch your pieces more.


Hmm… I’ll try to shorten it by one peg

The moc is a very simple CCBS build with a very long torso, gaps, awkward build, and inconsistent colour scheme. I would start by remaking the torso.
With that out of the way, what is he? As a species? I mean, both Makuta and Ekimu are Okotoans, it seems logical for their father to be an Okotoan too, but he looks more like a Toa.
On the bright side: I absolutely love the way you fixed the backstory with the Mask of Control thing: Makuta didn’t actually made it, but it was created by somebody else that passed it to your self-moc, that passed it to Kai, that passed it to Makuta. You fixed everything without the time travel thing. Bravo!

I’d like to think that he was once an stone element okotan that was given the mask of control by my self MOC to guard, because at that time my self MOC had grown tired of bearing the burden of being the controller of ice and passed it on to another, then the mask of control transformed kai into a toa(like the mask of creation did to ekimu) so he could better guard it(like the mask of life with fenrak). Thats the reason kai has brown, though i do agree the colors don’t mix
@Mr.Monopoly have you read the conversation @Toa_Vladin and i had in the comments of my self MOC topic, it further elaborates on the story

What is the link between the Mask of Control and the element of Ice?

Ok heres an update to it

The side


Different angle

I am maintaining the brown
There it has a shorter torso i’ve bulked it up ive narrowed down the color pallet
What else huh? Just, how is it? I put a lot of effort into this thing.


I think it is much better now

Thank you, how do you feel about the brown

Good enough

At least add more brown.