Kaigeru: Gentle Hunters

The Kaigeru were a rare Rahi that inhabited the islands of Metru Nui and later Mata Nui, as well as the caverns of the Great Spirit, and now reside in the deserts and canyons of New Spherus Magna.

They are hunters of smaller Rahi, but are known to be very gentle towards Matoran or Agori that wander into their territory.

While traditionally seen as loners, they are actually pack animals. They often hunt in very loose packs, and an observer would be forgiven for thinking they were seeing only one of the animals in an area. When they need to work together, however, they quickly band together to act as one brutally effective killing unit, capable of taking down larger prey or defending themselves from huge predators.

They are partially related to the Muaka Cats, but are inherently smaller, leaner, and faster.

The Kaugeru’s face resembles that of an Exo-Toa, and there has been some debate that the designers of the suits may have intended to capture the ferocious visage of these powerful animals.

The Kaigeru have powerful front legs with large, armoured shoulders in order to protect themselves from frontal attacks.

The powerful front legs of the Kaigeru are deceptively long, allowing the Rahi to stand tall over its prey, or try and make itself look less vulnerable to larger Rahi.

The belly of the Kaigeru is well protected, but not so armoured as to hinder flexibility.

The Kaigeru have powerful, if short, barbed tails. These are useful for both defence and offense.
The back is well armoured, and peppered with small spines. Also visible here is the powerful ribbing of the long muscle-cables that run most of the length of the Rahi’s body.


Something about the design feels so… classic. It reminds me of all of the rahi from 2001-2004.


Thats what I thought right once I looked at it!

I love the head, but the whole moc is fantastic.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I mad an effort to give it that sort of feel by using more detailed parts and focusing more heavily on Technic parts over CCBS or other armour shells. I wanted to go for the feel of the Rahi that were featured in the 2005 Rahi Guide, which were mostly fan entries.

Thanks, I was worried the head wouldn’t be well received, so I’m very glad you like it :slight_smile:


The face gives off a grumpy cat vibe

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Looks pretty nice. I like it.

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