Kaios The Cut-Throat

Kaios was The Toa of Air Alongside Trengot. The Toa of Shadow
As they Disbanded Kaios and Trengot started a Mercenary Buisness in KItan.,
As a Makuta started Altering Trengot. he killed himself leaving Kaios alone.



His weapon is a Edged Knife and the Blades on his back
are special Wind Enhancers letting him run as swift as the wind


You should add some armor on his upper arms and cover those open balljoints on his knees.

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The thigh armor just doesn’t work, the wings seem a little awkward, and please replace the mata-green hand on his back with a grey or metru-green one.

inb4 blue pins

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He has Been Rebuilt Bigger Better Bladier

Heres the Revolutionizer

Sorry to say this but this moc is… just… terrible.

For once, I agree.

Firstly: It’s an Inika Build. There are someways to make Inika Builds work, but this is just to simple. I’m not saying you should go overboard with custom stuff, but at least add some complexity. The limbs suffer even worse from this problem. The arms are WAY too underwhelwing, practically only using three pieces, minus the weapon. Although the weapon is just one piece, it is nice to see Vastus’ scythe used in a MoC. The open balls on the legs are distracting, not to mention ruin the posabillity of said legs. He can’t stand perfectly straight, and I must imagine are a pain to pose this guy with. I like what you did with the back of Kaios; pulling a Zesk and strapping a Vahki shin to his back. To me, it’s hard to imagine the blades on his back as enhancing speed. I see them more as tassels or the like.

I’d give this a 2/10. While there are a few creative design choices, this is just… bland. It’s an Inika Build with absolutely no armor whatsoever.

The new version is an improvement, but not by much. It’s a 3.5/10.

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