Kaipuk - Toa of Iron

Long ago, Kaipuk was a Toa of iron stationed on the Southern Continent. Shortly before the Great Cataclysm, he and his team were killed by a Makuta under the command of Teridax.

Although he possessed a double-edged broadsword, Kaipuk usually went into combat unarmed. He used his natural athleticism and Kanohi Kakama to great effect in close quarters. Kaipuk was also able to use his elemental powers to create makeshift tools on the battlefield.

Same torso frame as Umae.


Very nice moc, though I feel he could use more dark orange on the legs and silver on the arms.


The neck looks a little long, but aside from that, he looks awesome! You really captured the athletic look, and that torso design is fantastic. The color blocking overall is also really solid.


I like this a lot. The frame is a very nice one.


Thank you :]

he’s very lanky, but i like that

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great frame, love the shape that the cylinder creates in his torso

Holy heck what is that torso build? How does the wheel piece connect to the grey balljoint that provides waist articulation?

A wonderful MOC all around, I’m very much a sucker for that kind of color blocking. I’d say that the arms are a bit too long, though, and the black infrastructure looks slightly off.

Thats a nice torso.The colour placement is cool. And that weapon is fun.