Kaita Akamai g2


This guy slightly looks like you put arms and legs on a square brick.

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Not to be mean or anything, but this moc is pretty bad.

The color distribution is a mess

the build is clunky

it’s proportions are pretty bad, with small arms and a wide torso, not to mention the skinny stomach and huge crotch piece

It honestly looks like several sets smashed together.

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Cool Moc, but the chest looks messy for me…

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Cool, I like the way you used the torso armour to make it look like the original kaitas.

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you are right, that is the Idea


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To be honest, the MOC could be better, but it isn’t that bad from the waist down as far as Kaita go. I’ve definitely seen worse. You may want to go for a more streamlined aesthetic, such as a bodybuilder type or a sumo wrestler design. Bionicle figures are supposed to look a little mechanical, but not too mechanical.