Kaita Wairuha g2


Id get rid of the keetorange and slim him down a bit. Also, try using the regular g2 miru.

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sorry I will not build it again because it Softened the joints pieces

How did it soften them? It shouldn’t do that under regular circumstances usually only if it’s an illegal connection :confused:


Joints don’t soften; they get cracked and/or become loose if that’s what you mean…as for the Kaita, his torso should be in a more triangular shape as opposed to being a block of parts

It looks a little messy in the body region, but I like it!


I have to say, the feet design is really great. The whole snowshoes part looks really great. The torso could use some fixing up though, as some have said themselves.

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I mean they lost friction

thanks I really didn’t like my MOC

I did not like this moc too, but I don’t intend to try it again.

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First of all, you quadruple posted, an honor not given to many. As for the MOC, I enjoy it immensely. I appreciate how you tried to emulate the style of the original Wairuha, with the three torsos connected. The back is would be better without the arm-limb-things that go over the shoulders. Maybe you could also trim up the lower back. I also appreciate that each arm retains a gear function.

thanks dude :slight_smile:

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LOL! I didn’t like very much my Mocs too!

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