Kalana version 2

Some of you may remember my incredibly cringey MOC Kalana that I posted a few months ago (you don’t need to find it if you haven’t seen the first version) and I have made vast improvements. I changed the torso entirely and gave her new armor and sword designs.

Points to whoever recognizes this pose

(Sorry about the sideways image)

Some gripes I have with this already are that her color scheme and texturing are inconsistent, and I need more constructive criticism. So, pick it apart as much as you want! Also credit for the custom torso goes to someone on the MOC tutorials topic known as @Willess12


That Nuva armor doesn’t fit.


Yeah, it doesn’t.

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Where the other falls flat on build, this falls flat on colour scheme, the previous one had superior colours spread out

That is the single most bizzar and creative use of a nuva chestpeice I’m seen. Brings a whole new meaning to Nuvabutt.

It’s the PG version


That Nuva cheats but does not fit at all