Kalashnikov Cyber-Monkey

Kalashnikov Cyber-Monkey

The Kalashnikov Cyber Monkey is an intelligent, fast, and angry ape ready to shoot some Democratic heretics. When caught, it will release the Nuclear dose on it’s back, giving it’s life to its dear Soviet comrades…

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This is my own version of a MOC of the same name made by Radrix. The Spidermonkey head and Nepol torso combination was super appealing to me and I thought it’d be fun to try it out myself with some of my own touches.

Special thanks to Grayson M for letting me borrow the Galidor pieces I needed to complete this MOC.

Hope you all like it!


I love both this and the original moc, but I do slightly prefer the stocky proportions of this one. Also nice use of rubber bands for those red highlights on the tank.


Nice revamp of Radrix’s MOC! The Nepol limbs work very well with the rest of the build.

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It does really capture what I wanted to do in my original MOC. The slight changes to the overall look are actually, great!

Oh, and by the way, It’d be cool to see how it looks with your previous Gregoriy Petrov MOC :smirk:


I actually did photograph them together but none of the photos turned out any good. white balancing was a nightmare. Will definitely get around to it.


Great use of the galidor??? Ben ten??? Parts!