Kalmah Revamp V2 (UPDATED)

tried to make it more accurate to @decepticonaiden’s drawing with some feedback from the last version, I really dont know what to do with the left shoulder tho not happy with his right arm either, if anyone has a better idea ,please, tell me

flickr album has 3 MORE PICTURES!!1!1!!1one

also, I like feedback, so feel free to post some, even if it’s destructive


Looks good, still needs more orange though, Try puting the orange spikes randomly all over the body.


Really loving those orange spikes and how they’re distanced is perfect. I really think it works here

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bruh the original one only had 2 orange pieces and it was the tentacles, I tried something else, I see the orange as part of the tentacles, like spikes the tentacles have


nasty huh?


Thats true, maybe put the littler orange spikes all over the tanticals? It just looks a little weird only to have three spikes.

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I dont have those, that’s why I decided to do this, if I had more you bet I would have filled the whole moc with them, maybe if I got some orange paint…

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Yea, that could help it.

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Dude Kalmah had a nice, toothy six-pack lol

I think the shaping is really good, but just like everyone else, I’ll say that the tentacles need more orange, but not spikes, maybe CCBS plates if you have those in orange


Perhaps you could use some of the orange shell pieces that came in all those Nex sets on the tentacle. Still looking really good, by the way!

Make the tentacles shorter, they’re a bit long. Though I do like the look of the right shoulder.

I dont have orange shells either

The waist looks so much better than before!

Also, did you paint those feet?

I have mixed feelings on the tentacles. I would actually rather have black spikes versus orange ones, since I feel like they throw off the colorscheme a bit. Besides that, I think the area around the base of the tentacles should be beefed up a bit, but I understand if there are parts limitations.

Good stuff all in all.

there are, I have another plan for the base of the tentacles tho, I dont know why I haven’t though this before

Noice, can’t wait to see it!

Perhaps place a Kalmah shoulder pad over the left arm?


*See"s blue pins on a dark red moc *

Cool moc though.


I actually wanted to use them as the… what is it, as an accent color I guess?

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Looks pretty neat! I’d love to see how you did the abs.

credit goes to @Likus there

Aight, I’ll go bug him then. :stuck_out_tongue:

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