Kalmah Revamp

Guess im not leaving…


based on a drawing by @decepticonaiden, more pictures on flickr

also, it looks better in hand


I love it.

Dude nice

wait you were gonna leave?

I mean, I’d like a little bit more feedback, but still, thanks guys

and yes, I was going to leave because I didn’t have anything holding me here anymore, but I want to help with the brickonicle barraki


this looks nice but in my opinion it should have a little bit more orange

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fair point, where would you have used the orange?

This looks really good! I love the torso especially. Although I think the tentacles could benefit from a few greebles. Maybe some small tires?

Already commented on Flickr, but yeah this is really great! The only thing that really stands out as odd to me are the metru-chestplates on his hips and the gap between his CCBS chestplate and lower torso, especially with the lt. grey bushings sticking out.

Also, I second @PeppyBricks’s suggestion with adding tires to the tentacles.

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I feel like the tentacles are too long, but it’s cool.

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This looks awesome, dude! Really like how you did the tentacles!

I dont have enough tires :frowning:

I really didnt know what to do for the body, so I used alieraah’s design, as for the metru chest pieces were my last attempt at trying to hide the leg gaps


This is a really impressive revamp! I really like the torso and the color distribution on the lower torso is really good. I think I would add some more color (dark red or orange) to the lower legs, and maybe if you have any of the smallest type of CCBS bones, I would create the tentacle from those.

Overall this is a great MOC!

The top of the legs/ hips look kinda bulky and the torso seems sort of short? Like theres no shoulders or neck? I dunno the torso just irks me. The legs look a little bare and there is a massive lack of orange on the whole moc. Hope you can use this feedback :smiley:

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I love how you used those dark red bohrok eyes as a rib cage