Kalyck Toa of Plantlife; Moc - By Sidorak

i've tried to do a stop motion test, and my camera is too wobbly :/
I'll have to do somethin with that...


This could be better if you replaced the black limbs with either silver or lime. Otherwise, this is pretty kewl. stuck_out_tongue

Also the video is private, so none of us can see it. wink


@Political_Slime I know, sadly i don't have the piecies for it. whispers I'm thinking about painting the avohkii to mata green btw, but i don't know how to do it

Also, unprivated the video smiley

I also recommend flipping the foot on his chest. He looks a bit pudgy stuck_out_tongue

@Ekorak Yeaah, but that would limit his posibility :/

Maybe add some armor on the top of it then?

@Ekorak hmmm.... Might try that smiley
Also, do you guys know how to paint lego piecies?

Nice colouring! It is a surprisingly good combination.

How did you get light blue pieces? Or is it just the lighting?

@DargeD Light blue? smiley And which piece are you referring to?

The avohkii and the two blades look light blue to me

lightning. They're silver actually... Sadly smiley