Kamen Rider CCBS

A few months ago, on my Seijin Rayder MOC post @Mechmaster suggested that I try to make a Kamen Rider MOC next. So after a few Bricklink purchases, this is what I came up with.
Rather than just basing it on a particular rider, I chose to borrow little bits from different riders, while staying more in the line of a classic Showa rider.
He is just built on the long body Hero Factory frame so he’s pretty basic.
The main reason I chose to use the HF long body was so I could use the Drilldozer upper body/shoulder plate on him,

(pardon the fogginess, my camera lens did not like the hot outdoors)

Classic Pose.

Fourze Pose (I apologize for the blurriness)


Head close up (2X)

Belt close up



Seems pretty accurate from what I can see, though some places could be better covered.


That sword looks pretty cool.

I like the head, but the rest is a bit…awkward. The random balljoints on the wast, the messy back, unarmored bits, the clashing textures…

I’d give this a 5/10 for the head and upper torso.


This is a pretty cool Rider MOC. Although it looks mostly like a classic Showa Rider, the head reminds me a bit of Blade from the front.

Overall a cool looking MOC. I think my favorite part has to be the sword design.


omg i absolutely love this, especially the multiple rider influences and my god that mask

you’re missing the obligatory Rider Kick.


Haha, I’ve been thinking about making a rider for some time, but could never think of how to do it. I love the revolcane-inspired sword, and the head is reminiscent of Hercus/Blade.

I will say though, the front of the head looks very thin. You could really do with having some pieces come forward from all the technic at the back, to fill the face out a bit.
He could also do with some more padding below the belt, and around the limbs. As it stand, he looks rather gappy for a representation of a man in a spandex suit.

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I haven’t seen any of Kamen Rider, but this is still pretty cool.

I don’t give a flying scrap about Kamen Rider, but this seems to be built pretty well and from what I can tell, Accurate, it only starts to fall apart at the exposed waist. But good effort.

Thanks dudes :slight_smile:
I gotta admit, I agree with y’all on most the down points on this guy…
The head doesn’t quite look right to me, with as thin as it is, and the eyes look too low down on the face.

I have no idea why I put the ball pieces on his belt, maybe they’d look better if they were red instead of black.
I’d love to see if I could figure out a way to put the Drilldozer shoulder plate on a 2016 Uniter body.

Maybe y’all will see a version 2 fixing these problems…

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Gives me a Black RX / Blade look

I love it


@Joe may like this.

I don’t even watch Kamen Rider and I think this looks pretty cool.

I’ve seen it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty cool, and I love the torso, head, and Driver, but I feel like the limbs are just too thin.


Lemme sing the theme song.

:musical_note:Go go Bugman!:musical_note:

There, that’s it…

It looks to me like Hercus

Stole Black RX’s Revolcane


It looks like a mixture of black and hercus

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I like it; I’ve never seen any lament rider but, i still like it

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A good start, however it is too robot like. There’s too much rough technic bits, taking away from the overall rider feel. The head, sadly is probably the worst bit in my opinion, it barely looks like helmet, much less a rider helmet. I think a custom mask would be better or, make the moc bigger so that you can get more detailed with the head. The belt looks like the Ancle from Kuuga, and while I do like the simplicity of it, and how it does look like a belt rather than differently colored armor, it looks barely reminiscent of a rider belt, even by showa standards. The shoulders need armor, the exposed ball joint does not work with the kamen rider aesthetic. The sword fits the MOC well, however I do think another weapon (A blaster of some form prolly) should have been added as well.
The build seems fairly stable, simple arms and legs but the same can be said for all kamen riders.
All in all, after summing up my thoughts on the piece, I think a 3/10 fits. The Kamen Rider look is hard to replicate in other forms. While this MOC captures a few elements of the rider aesthetic, I don’t think bionicle or CCBS are good mediums to portray that look. Hell I’d personally say that even a Bionicle themed Kamen Rider wouldn’t look good in bionicle form, because the kamen rider look is too human.
3/10, the look doesn’t fit the kamen rider aesthetic, the head juts out weirdly, and the belt doesn’t look close enough to a henshin belt.

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