Kamen Rider Chou-Rider M.O.C

This is a “modern” interpretation of the Showa Kamen rider concept. Very flashy, colorful, and based on insects. Chou-Rider here is based on a Dragonfly-ish thing. And for anyone who doesn’t know that Chou in Japanese means super. Like with Kamen rider Kuuga when he says Chou-henshin. In human form Chou-Rider’s wings become a cape-ish thing, sorry a lot of ish things. Now back to the concept, like in Showa era fashion the belt is basic, but pulls the look off in my opinion. I took a lot of inspiration from Kamen rider V3. Like with the layered chest look and the dragonfly look. Reply if you would like to see a video tutorial of how to build this M.O.C.


Looks great, you succeeded your desired concept quite well. The shins look a bit awkward though, using the pre-bent HF legs, and his upper chest is nonexistant. Try beefing up the upper chest with yellow technic bits if you can.

Color schemes are important. Much better than your last attempt, but definitely needs a lot of improvement.

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I call @anon68675807 due to Kamen Rider