Kamina from Gurren Lagann in the Brickheadz style.


I wish lego had the rights for stuff like this, I would totally buy this. :+1:

That is amazing.
If only his arm could do a pointing pose.

Does anyone have any suggestions on any more anime characters I could do preferably no one from an anime that’s not DBZ,Naruto or one piece.

Orga from Iron Blooded Orphans.

Something about this feels slightly off, but still pretty cool.

Edward Elric or Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist? Really, ANY character from FMA would be pretty great, such as Greed (in both human and full shield form), Envy, Mustang…

I like that idea once I get some more flat studs I might try that. The hair would be an easy break from what I’ve been doing too.

I’d love to see a velvet Crowe brickhead. That would be interesting looking.

Even if anime brickhead were 20$ each; I would still buy this. Some brick company is really overlooking a goldmine in the anime community.

I think Alphonse Elrik from fma would look really cool as a brick head.

Does he look better with red or orange?

IMO the hair looks a bit messy but otherwise this is super cool

You could make Simon from Gurren Lagann to go with this one

Also a Jojo character would be cool

DIO or riot.

My suggestion goes to marika kato from bodacious space pirates, preferably in the original black outfit, though her hair color can only be described as sand-red in Lego terms so, good luck with that.

Have you seriously only seen like the most entry-tier anime?

No I haven’t actually I haven’t watched the show you just mentioned sadly but I might check out now. I also haven’t watched any gundum either.