Kanohi Angler (MOC League 2022 Preliminary Entry)

“Be wary of any treasures you find too easily. Nature usually preys upon the naive…”

A monstrous amphibian that lurks in caves along island coasts.

It hunts by luring prey in with the glowing Kanohi on it’s forehead.

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So this is my MOC League 2022 preliminary entry. I wanted to post it here two weeks ago when I finished building, but never found time until recently to take more photos. The theme was hunters, so I opted to make an angler fish creature that lures prey in with a Kanohi lure. It’s an idea I’ve had for about a year now, but never found motivation to build up until MOC League. Contests seem to make me get off my butt and actually be creative, which is a good thing. Had lots of fun building it, and probably even more fun with the photos.

Constructive criticism welcome!


I’d fool for the bait!

Like the murky eyes and part spam on the spine and teeth…I need to get me some white axles, those look great.


The choice of a yellow Kaukau as the bait is fitting.

This whole thing is super cool, too; the shaping is good and everything flows together well, particularly the repeated use of the pattern on the Inika foot, Piraka shin, and Kiina armour around the shoulder.


This is great! It looks like something out of the comics!

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Clever use of the zamor spheres for eyes

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Ooh this moc is really creepy looking! Parts usage is great, I like the zamor sphere eyes, the teeth, and the head - it all works pretty well and flows nicely. This certainly looks like a creature you’d find in the murky depths of the ocean, excellent job!

Also I agree with Jerminator the use of a yellow Kaukau as bait is fitting.


Looks like what Gaduka should have been. This thing is beyond creepy.
Staggeringly good job.


I hate to say it, but with that trans-yellow kaukau I would absolutely fall for this.


Thanks! Yeah all the weird colored axles are super useful to have, totally recommend grabbing some if you can. I happened to have a Y-Wing as a kid so got most of mine from their, but this guy used some other ones from the Toa Metru and Cahdok and Gahdok too.

Glad you noticed! This is the first time I’ve really made an effort to try to incorporate a lot of pieces with the same textures on them, and I think it really helped the flow like you said. Really appreciate the comment!

Thanks, that means a lot!

Appreciate it!

Thank you! Glad you like it and I appreciate the nice words!

I wasn’t thinking a ton about Gadunka when I was building it, but a couple people have pointed it out now and it’s hard to not think about the similarities. Glad it comes off as creepy!

I’m glad it’s doing such a great job as as a lure then haha. I honestly didn’t even think about added the real world aspects of the Yellow Kaukau when I picked it, and I felt real dumb when my go to build critiquing friend pointed it out as the first thing he noticed. Glad I went with it over the Translucent Neon Green Miru now.


shows of their yellow kaukau
looks amazing!


Holy Gadunka! And the jaw even works, wasn’t expecting that.

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Thanks! Yeah the prices of on them have honestly gone crazy, had mine since way back in the day though.

Thank you! I try to make sure to keep most points of articulation actually working when I build. I think it adds more fun to the challenge/puzzle of figuring out the build, plus it’s fun to have some functionality in the end. Getting the underbelly to be smooth with the operation was pretty tricky though.