Kanohi art

This is just something I made for my AP art class. The assignment was to draw a hand or hands holding something. I decided to draw the original toa masks. My least favorite is the pakari because of the eyes. the kakama has white in the eyes because it wasn’t defined enough on the brown paper.

I haven’t posted here in a long time so this is just to fill my absence.

If anyone wants a closer picture of the hau or miru just let me know.


These look great! I especially like the Miru drawing.

If I had to critique this, I’d say some of the fingers look awkward and the Pakari looks a little flat against the hand.

Yeah that one is my last favorite

Very nice. I don’t own any of the original Mata masks, but it reminds me of when I started buying Glatorian sets as my first sets.

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I would recommend getting some. They are fine masks and pretty easy to find cheap

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This just reminds me that I have yet to get any of the original Mata masks… gotta Bricklink them sometime.

Great artwork!

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I applaud you, for drawing such awesome hands!