Kanohi-faces v. Custom Faces

So, I've been wondering for a while what people though about this specific topic; Custom-faced heads, or Kanohi-faced heads?

Basically, what I'm asking is; what is your opinion?

Do you tend to favor the more noticeable face of a mask for a MOC? Or do you tend to go all out with a blend of System/CCBS/Bionicle and make a head with a custom face?


tell me about your opinions, I'm interested to hear what you guys think stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes


Both (Obviously)



I don't see the point in making custom faces


I prefer Kanohi given the number of options you can choose from. Plus, I've never really been experienced with custom faces.


When you can pull them off, I love custom faces.

@Creep Interesting smiley

@LelouchViBritannia The point to a custom-faced head is to evoke more character to the MOC.

@Stoax I see. Custom faces is something unique in of itself. It takes a lot of practice. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

@Leoxandar Yus.

(I didn't mention it, but I prefer custom faced heads.)

Thanks for the opinions guys!


I guess both, but I rely on normal heads

I prefer a kanohi for people and custom for creatures and aliens.

I would say Kanohi rather than Custom Faces.
Mostly because I'm used to seeing MOCS with Kanohi a lot more than Custom Faces.

I feel neither are superior, some MOCs need a Kanohi, some MOCs need a face.
Both can look great.

@JMP Makes sense smile
@tahtorak I concur. I feel it makes most sense here.
@RECspiriah I get you. I wish there were more custom faces around though stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
@StudentScissors I concur!


I think it depends on what it is. For me personally, if I want a Humanoid, more civilized MOC I would go with a Kanohi/Helmet/Mask. If I want a more Beastial character, Custom all the way.


@Plural That's an interesting way to look at it smiley

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I don't really have the parts for custom heads personally. I find them mostly hit or miss. Usually they're a miss, but when done right, they can be great.

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Custom heads to me usually come out as blocky. Kanohi masks, however are better shaped and look nicer.

@SammySpartan Interesting.

@SwagMeister I get you. Makes sense wink

Really depends on build.
And what Kanohi used.

A brickbuilt Slime ace is where it's at.

I like both.

@LurkingEhlek Yeah. Some builds can pull off a certain Kanohi well, but other builds might warrant a custom-made head stuck_out_tongue
@Tahu_killed_Gali_and_Lewa Yeah man. thumbsup
@Droo_Da_Drag0n_CallahXXX Interesting.

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