Kanohi Masks Imprinting Their Wearers?

How can Kanohi do this? Did the Great Beings intend it to happen? How long does the imprint last? Are there any other ways besides Takutanuva and the Ignika to gather that much life energy? Incidentally, how durable is the average Kanohi (from our perspective, mind you)?


Sorry, I don’t recall the imprinting you are referring to.

Kanohi Imprints were the explanation for Jaller’s resurrection during the events of 2003.

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There’s nothing on Biosector that refers to this that I can find. It states that Teridax’s life energy revived Jaller.

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I believe he’s referring to what is listed here, under properties.

I guess it figures that it’s requesting a citation. =P


I wasn’t arguing that, as Eljay was saying, I was asking about the imprint Takutanuva used as a basis to revive Jaller.

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Teridax’s energy was the catalyst that revived Jaller, but said revival was also due to the imprint that the Hau retained of him, since his body wasn’t visibly present down in Mangaia.


“Kanohi have a tendency to retain an imprint of their owner’s consciousness and identity within themselves for a short time after being removed, allowing any mask to be infused with great amounts of a life-force to resurrect the deceased mask-wearer. However, after an extended period of time, the imprint will fade away.”

  • from the properties section of BS01’s Kanohi page.

So following this logic, would you, assuming you had the energy, be able to use a mask to clone a living being? Or would it only work if they’re dead?

This also means the jaller and takanuva that we follow post-03 are actually clones of the original, which is kinda dark when you think about it.


Well, technically every resurrected being would be a clone either way from that point of view, since the whole Red Star revival process pretty much soley consists of downloading memory backups into new bodies and not actually repairing any of the old ones.
Plus, I mean, anything’s possible, really. We do currently have two Hydraxons running around, after all.


And possibly (based on this theory) two Jallers!

(ps I’ve heard that Takanuva was revived differently in the book version, but I haven’t read it)

Indeed, except for dekar-hydraxon, that would be reformatting, which is considerably darker come to think of it.

Nah, jailer prime’s dead as bionicle itself m8.

Wouldn’t he be on The Red Star Though? Or am I missing something?

Hmm, you’re probably right, I was thinking something had prevented that, such as him being dead for such a short time, like, I doubt there’s another takanuva on the red star because he was dead for all of 6 seconds, but yeah, there very well could be another jaller on the red star, a matoran at that, wouldn’t that be a bizarre meeting.

Edit, addendum:

I seem to remember reading that any remains were teleported to the red star to be repaired, which is why matoro is permadead.

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Oh, I know. I was just pointing out that there was somewhat of a precedent in which a character died and was “revived” twice.

According to BS01, they’re repaired by receiving an entirely new body. The remains, as far as I understand, were required for the actual memory downloads, which is why Sidorak is also permadead, as Keetongu completely destroyed his brain when he killed him.


Could be that since Jaller was not INSIDE the GSR at the time he died, the red star didn’t beam him up, so to speak. I remember vaguely something about GSR inhabitants not being warped to the red star unless they were inside the GSR at the time, but I could be wrong.